Inrix Xd Traffic Maps & Alerts

Inrix Xd Traffic Maps & Alerts

Inrix Xd Traffic Maps & Alerts

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INRIX® XD Traffic Maps, Routes & Alerts iPhone & iPad Review

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INRIX Traffic Alerts

Check out a preview of our all-new INRIX Traffic app!

INRIX Traffic Maps & Alerts is a free app that helps drivers be on time for the important people and events in their lives. Choose the fastest route, get recommended departure times and alerts for your destination and easily share your arrival time with friends and family.

“Once you load this app, your traffic intelligence gathering capabilities skyrocket.” MAC|Life

INRIX crowd sources data from more than just phones. We have GPS and map data from millions of trucks, cameras, road sensors, and in-car navigation systems. Placing the power of the world’s largest driving community into the palm of your hand, the app transforms your smartphone into your own personal traffic reporter with up-to-the-minute insight into current traffic conditions as well as traffic forecasts for all highways, city streets and other heavily traveled local roads in 32 countries.

INRIX is at the forefront of connecting cars for smarter cities. Powered by the same company brands like Audi, BMW, Ford and Toyota have relied on for years, INRIX delivers insights that helps drivers know the better way to go. Navigate through daily traffic to find the closest and least expensive fuel, plus find parking and electric vehicle charging locations.

What’s New:
· Get departure alerts on your Samsung Gear S smartwatch. The app on your Samsung device now connects with the Gear S to let you know the best time to leave to arrive on time for your next destination.
· Enhanced coverage and precision. With INRIX XD™Traffic Maps & Alerts coverage for roads, ramps and interchanges, the app covers more roads with greater precision than ever before.

Key Benefits:
• Traffic News: Personalize and see all news relevant to your commute on one screen. Never be surprised by traffic jams from the big game or concert in town ever again!
• Traffic Maps: See current traffic conditions, incidents, construction, police and road closures.
• Fastest Routes: See the best routes with the fastest travel times to your top destinations.
• Personalized Traffic Alerts: Get alerts to accidents and delays on your route.
• Share Arrival Times: Easily alert your friends when you’ll arrive in just a few taps.
• Departure Alerts: Get a heads up on when you need to leave in order to arrive on time.
• Community Traffic Reports: Get timely alerts to accidents and other incidents from fellow INRIX app users.
• Traffic Cameras: See what’s happening up ahead on your route.
• Cloud Sync: See your saved places and routes on multiple devices.

Premium Version:
• Unlimited Saved Places: Save and track routes for an unlimited number of destinations
• Gas/Fuel Prices: Find the closest least expensive fuel with real-time fuel price information updated daily.

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